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2020-06-15 11:29:20

Meeeeouw fall asleep on the washing machine. Purr for no reason i heard this rumor where the humans are our owners, pfft, what do they know ?! so nya nya nyan do doodoo in the litter-box, clickityclack on the piano, be frumpygrumpy eat the rubberband. With tail in the air trip on catnip, so chew foot, or i’m bored inside, let me out i’m lonely outside, let me in i can’t make up my mind whether to go in or out, guess i’ll just stand partway in and partway out, contemplating the universe for half (...)

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Pose de prothèse d’amputation
2023-05-16 10:55:37

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2023-05-16 10:55:54

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Impression 3D
2023-05-16 10:56:23

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